[icecast] winnt32 v1.3.7 and templatedir?!

Blakout @ hot
Thu Dec 6 14:34:59 UTC 2001

I'm trying to use icecast on WinNT as test platform for web applications and
while I can stream MP3's I cannot access admin interface online because for some
weird reason icecast ignores templatedir settings in configuration file,
reporting at startup:

[06/Dec/2001:16:26:30] ERROR: Could not find a suitable directory for template
files, something might be wrong!

Setting debuglevel to 6 produced following entries in icecast.log file:

[06/Dec/2001:16:28:51] [2:Calendar Thread] DEBUG: get_icecast_file(): Looking
for D:\icecast137\templates\statistics.html (this is where it actually is
[06/Dec/2001:16:28:51] [2:Calendar Thread] DEBUG: get_icecast_file(): Looking
for .\templates\statistics.html
[06/Dec/2001:16:28:51] [2:Calendar Thread] DEBUG: get_icecast_file(): Looking
for ..\templates\statistics.html
[06/Dec/2001:16:28:51] [2:Calendar Thread] DEBUG: get_icecast_file(): Didn't
find statistics.html
[06/Dec/2001:16:28:51] [2:Calendar Thread] DEBUG: Checking directory logs\
[06/Dec/2001:16:28:51] [2:Calendar Thread] DEBUG: stats_write_html(): Couldn't
open template file

Any ideas? Changing templatedir to relative don't change a thing, except that it
looks for templates at '/usr/local/shoutcast/templates'. Sounds more like a unix
path to me. What could possibly be wrong with it?


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