[icecast] Icecast2 access problem

Moritz Grimm gtgbr at gmx.net
Tue Dec 4 10:50:27 UTC 2001

Jim Shepherd wrote:
> Thanks (slapping forehead with hand).  I completely forgot that my
> upstream is limited to 128kbs.  That would definitely cause a problem as
> you have mentioned.  For the time being, I re-encoded the files at 56kbs
> to see if that helps.  If so, I'll look into using a even lower
> bandwidth streams.  Let me know if you are successful using this lower
> bandwidth stream.

Yes, it works now. Your stream hovers somewhere between 60 and 72 kbps
and spends most of the time at 67 kbps. This means, that at times where
I am not the only listener, the 128kbps upstream of yours won't be
enough. (This is why I prefer 32kbps/mono/44.1kHz, it sounds excellent
at this bitrate and I can serve 2 listeners without problems, and 3 if
I'm lucky and chose my music well.)

If you stick to U2, you can serve 2 listeners, Chumbawamba needed too
many bits. :)

I think this problem comes from OGG not having a 56kbps mode at this
time. It encoded your files at 64kbps, and from my experiences it uses
(in average) more bits than "allowed" in low-bitrate modes and less then
allowed in the real high-bitrate modes.


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