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Joe Bowser bowserj at unbc.ca
Fri Aug 31 05:52:31 UTC 2001

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On Thu, 30 Aug 2001, Robin P. Blanchard wrote:

> I've been trying to figure out as to why sometimes connections are
> properly negotiated and sometimes not.
> For example, using mpg123 as a client, I point it at my server
> (live.wuga.org):
> 	Directory: http://live.wuga.org/
> 	Playing MPEG stream from  ...
> 	MPEG 1.0 layer I, 96 kbit/s, 44100 Hz stereo
> 	Illegal Audio-MPEG-Header 0x62dd8776 at offset 0xfffffffb.
> It has improperly negotiated the connection and immediately craps out.
> I try again:
> 	Directory: http://live.wuga.org/
> 	Playing MPEG stream from  ...
> 	Junk at the beginning fffa2f7f
> 	MPEG 2.5 layer III, 16 kbit/s, 11025 Hz mono
> And it has this time properly negotiated the stream (MPEG 2.5 layer III,
> 16 kbit/s, 11025 Hz mono) and subsequently will play just fine. However,
> I have been unable to determine the pattern of this as sometimes it
> works the first time, others the second, others the third, etc.
> There is nothing peculiar looking in the icecast logs.
> I am running CVS of icecast-1.3.11
> Ideas?

Not really.  I've had the same problem with both Icecast streams and Mp3s
encoded with LAME.  It might be a number of things, including:

        * Mp3's 100hz bug (As was the problem with the ISO code and
        * mpg123 bug
        * LAME bug

Try encoding static files on the same encoder your using at the same
bitrate and try them.  I'm thinking it's an ISO Mp3 bug, not a problem
with LAME or mpg123.  (I forget the flag to enforce ISO conformance, but I
know it doesn't work with liveice properly or ices the last time I tried)

This was one of the main reasons why I switched from using mp3 to
Ogg Vorbis (even though I still have to maintain the station's Icecast
1.3.X server at UNBC when I get back).

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