[icecast] Scripted playlists with shout?

matt mcConnell matt at m-centric.com
Tue Aug 28 10:04:06 UTC 2001

    Another basic question (the list archive search doesn't seem to be
    Is it possible to do scripted playlists with shout?  I want to allow the
people at my site to upload new mp3 files to the server and have them placed
in the playlist automatically.  I tried generating the playlist (file) with
crontab, but it seems shout only reads the playlist once, at startup.
    I experimented with things like shout -D '/home/matt/scripts/all.sh' ...
where all.sh contains a simple script like find /home/matt/music.  But in
this case, if there was no playlist file, shout complained.  And if there
was a playlist file, shout only played the songs in the file.
    I'm a bit stumped.  I can't imagine want I to do is impossible.  Does
anyone have any example?



The real problem is entropy.

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