[icecast] Where is icecast.xml for icecast-2.0?

Geoff Shang gshang at uq.net.au
Thu Aug 23 01:19:20 UTC 2001

On 22 Aug 2001, D. Anthony Patrick wrote:

> Anyone know where might I find icecast.xml for icecast-2.0?  I just compiled
> everything, but ther is no conf/icecast.xml in the src directory in the build
> tree?  I go the source from Jack's home direcory at cantcode.com.

Yeah, I noticed this too.  I initially got icecast2 from the bitkeeper
repository nearly 3 months ago and it was there then.  You can either try
bitkeeper directly (probably more hassle than it's worth), or grab it from
the ancient CVS repository on icecast.org.  there is a web interface to it

Alternately, find my icecast.xml attached.  Note that this is circa 3
months ago and there might be more options now.  but it does work with that
August 7 source, that's what I'm running now.


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