[icecast] install instructions for iceS on i.cantcode.com

jaromil jaromil at dyne.org
Wed Aug 15 08:09:20 UTC 2001

On Wed, Aug 15, 2001 at 12:12:43AM -0600, Rick Wilson wrote:
> I apprecate the input , i am using SAM as we speak , the problem i am having
> is getting
> 2 DJ's on the Stream at the same time  "hense they can speak together over
> the air waves " heh
> this is the effect i am trying to obtain , as well as switching DJ's
> betweens songs with out loosing the feed.

just in case you prefer to use GNU/Linux and Free Software, you can do this with
MuSE too, http://muse.dyne.org: since the 0.6.1 release it's mixing mp3 files as
well mp3 network streams without problems.

jrml ..//korova.dyne.org
6EEE 4FB2 2555 7ACD 8496  AB99 E2A2 93B4 6C62 4800

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