[icecast] I am a Idiot

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Mon Aug 6 03:50:03 UTC 2001

> I am going to shout one more question out in the air, is it LiveICE i use to
> let ICECAST stream mp3's from a file ?

Nothing let's icecast stream mp3s from a file.  Icecast always(1) gets
it's input from a socket, generally via some 'source' program like ices,
liveice, shout, etc.

Now, as for which source you want, that depends on how you are
streaming.  If you are streaming from playlists or files, ices i swhat
you want.  Grab 0.2.2 and lame(2), and you're all set.

Liveice is primarily for live encoding applications, for instance,
broadcasting a concert in realtime.  It's not the easiest tool to use
either, so I suggest sticking with ices unless you absolutely need live

Hope this helps,


(1) unless of course you are doing on-demand streaming with icecast's
built in /file/ stuff.  this is probably not what you meant though :)

(2) you need lame only if you're reencoding files on the fly.  otherwise
just ices will do.

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