[icecast] streaming vorbis files from an openbsd box

Craig Latta Craig.Latta at NetJam.ORG
Fri Aug 3 02:07:19 UTC 2001


        I've installed icecast2 and ices2 on an OpenBSD box. It all
seems sane from the server side, but when I try to listen to my stream
from winamp 2.76 with Peter Pawlowski's vorbis plugin (1.12), from a
win98se box, nothing plays. Nothing is appended to the ices2 log, and
the following is appended to the icescast2 log (when I terminate


[2001-08-02  22:05:16] INFO main/main icecast server started
connection added....
DEBUG: source logging in
connection added....
DEBUG: client coming in...
DEBUG: source found for client
DEBUG: sending ice-bitrate: 0
DEBUG: sending ice-description: A short description of your stream
DEBUG: sending ice-genre: Example genre
DEBUG: sending ice-name: Example stream name
DEBUG: sending ice-public: 0
Client added
SOURCE: recoverable error 35
SOURCE: client had unrecoverable error 32 with new data (-1/4203)
DEBUG: Client dropped...
DEBUG: got 0 bytes reading data, the source must have disconnected...
DEBUG: we're going down...
DEBUG: souce_main() is now exiting...
[2001-08-02  22:11:31] INFO sighandler/_sig_die Caught signal 15,
shutting down...
[2001-08-02  22:11:31] INFO main/main Shutting down


        (I believe the "recoverable error" occured when I hit stop on

        What should I do next? If you like, please try to listen to my
stream, http://netjam.org:7777/example1.ogg; I'll leave it running.

        Also, how do I get icecast2 to append to the log immediately, instead
of buffering messages and writing them all upon exit?



Craig Latta
composer and computer scientist
craig.latta at netjam.org
crl at watson.ibm.com
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