[icecast] how to modify ices source?

Robin P. Blanchard Robin_Blanchard at gactr.uga.edu
Wed Aug 1 20:37:25 UTC 2001

> assuming otto can execute an arbitrary shell command whenever the
> track plays (I assume it can call whatever mp3 decoder you want), you
> can
> a) have a script that does something like
> echo $1 > /path/to/playlist.txt
> Then ices will reload the playlist file (size: one entry) at the end
> of the track.
> b) do
> mkfifo ices.fifo
> echo ices.fifo > playlist.txt
> run ices,
> and have otto do
> cat $1 > ices.fifo
> instead of calling its mp3 decoder.

*otto*'s (not ices) :) problem is that the playlist is dynamic and is
written after a track is played. while a track is playing you users
can submit/delete requests or it's little daemon will randomly select things.
once a track is completed the top entry of that dynamic playlist is written
as a file. otto only knows when a track has finished playing by it's spawned
app (in this case, ices) exiting. hence all of this debate.

believe me, i am working with it's maintainer on cleaning up his code. in the
meantime, i would like to know the optimal way to force ices to exit, per-track.

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