[icecast] how to modify ices source?

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Wed Aug 1 17:28:54 UTC 2001

> You're right in that it sounds like a great solution/alternative...
> But the problem is that the playlist would need to modified
> after each song. And how do we know when the song is finished?
> ices knows when this happens, thus it would be fairly simple to 
> have ices exit (rather than infintely loop) after it plays.

You know what song is playing, where it's at, and how long is left to
go, as well as other bits of info by reading the cue file.

You're trying to do something that is not advisable and probably won't
work consistently across server implementations, versions, etc.  There's
a reason we're trying to get you to do this the right way:

1) the wrong way is wrong
2) the right way is _easier_
3) you'll report it as a bug when your hack-around stop working, even
though we told you this would happen

If you refuse to use the tools as they were designed, then you're free
to write your own or modify them.   As far as I can tell the
end functionality that you require is built in quite nicely:

You can modify the playlist externally using the cue file for guidance.
You can write your own python or perl based playlist manager that
accesses the database directly, etc.  You can write your own C based
playlist plugin.


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