[icecast] Compiling with lame support

Todd Goodman tgoodman at sonusnet.com
Thu Apr 19 13:14:57 UTC 2001

* Andrew M. Wu <andrewwu at Princeton.EDU> [010419 03:49]:
> Hi all,
> I've been trying to compile and re-compile ices-0.0.1beta5 with lame
> support.
> I've downloaded the source to lame-3.88beta and compiled it and installed
> it.   The configure script allows for the compilation of a libmp3lame.a
> and libmp3lame.la, but not libmp3lame.so (in the INSTALL it says that is a
> (not yet) ).  
> In configuring ices I specify the include dir for lame.h and the library
> dir for the lame library file; make; and make install.
> However lame still hasn't compiled with lame support and I can't
> re-encode.
> Any suggestions would be most welcome.
> I'm running a Mandrake 7.0 base system on kernel 2.4.2.

I had a similar problem and determined it was due to my RedHat system
picking up the libmp3lame from /usr/lib instead of in /usr/local/lib
where I installed the latest version.

I used --with-lame-includes=/usr/local/include

However, I am still having some problems since my libmp3lame doesn't
have a lame_version().  I've changed to get_lame_version().  However,
lame_init_params() is crashing with a SEGV.

Is with lame-3.88 (beta) so maybe I'm trying to use a lame version
that's too new or has problems.

I also managed to get libxml2 (2.3.6) instead of libxml, but I linked
from xml2-config to xml-config) and it seems to work.  I do get a
warning about "Unknown ___ keyword: comment" (where ___ is Stream,
Execution, Server, etc) when reading the config file, but it seems to
work OK.



Sorry to follow up on my own email, but the problem I was having with
the /usr/lib version of libmp3lame was that it was compiled with the
termcap support and the autoconf test was failing because it couldn't
find the tnget.. routines (as detailed in the FAQ).  I rebuilt
libmp3lame and used the instructions in the FAQ to be sure I didn't have
any GTK or termcap support.



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