[icecast] Latest icecast and memory usage

Kelly Price tygris at cablespeed.com
Wed Apr 18 17:34:29 UTC 2001

I'm relay-pulling a radio station through the latest icecast, so that I
can play it localy while downsampling it in a VMware box and reshout it
back out.  However, every week I do it, icecast seems to grow up to 32
megs large in memory for each process (confirmed by top, it may be shared)
and push almost everything out to swap.  I'm using Linux 2.4.3.

Is there a memory leak in icecast's relaying, or is icecast buffering a
stream that's comming in faster than it's intended speed?

(The stream is Wolfox Radio, from Live365.com.  I know the folks.)

"       .'  .'     ";# Kelly "STrRedWolf" Price -- WolfSkunk Designs
'     xX  xX  .'   ; #         http://stalag99.keenspace.com
'    "X  "X  X  .' ; #         tygris at cablespeed dot com
' XXXXXXXx.  X" .'  && print "one";
  '"XXXXXX|    X   '&& print "two";
      "XXX|   X"    && print "three";
       'XX'         && print "four";

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