[icecast] Icecast & Liveice b.s.

harvey smith harvey at buskers.org
Wed Apr 18 00:32:07 UTC 2001

On Tue, 17 Apr 2001, john wrote:

> >OK, maybe I'm dense.  You have no soundcard.  thus, you will not be mixing
> >on the fly or anything as you won't be able to hear it.  So why are you
> >using liveice?
> The Alpha is the server on the local network, and it doesnt
> have the need for a soundcard. I would like to stream to
> other computers on the network that do have a soundcard.
> Why liveice? Why not? It is one of the few programs that i
> dont have to hack at repeatedly enabling them to work.
> Shout fails to compile and since i am not the maintainer
> of the code, i dont want to spend too much time cracking
> at it to find out why it fails.
> ja.

I had to dig backto find the origian question, but liveice NEEDS a encoder
because it assumes you are taking a non-mp3 sound from the soundcard and
it needs to make mp3's out of it. If you do not have a soundcard AND you
are not planning to re-encode the mp3's (ie. they are already at the
bit-rate you want) then using liveice would be a waste of cpu cycles (as
it always re-encodes and that takes a fair bit of cpu power)

Try Ices instead of liveice it's much more stable than Shout, and if
you're not re-encoding it wont eat your cpu time. Otherwise you'll need to
get an encoder, like lame.


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