[icecast] yp.icecast.org || when does your stream come into the db?

Todd Poston tposton1 at swbell.net
Thu Apr 12 17:01:23 UTC 2001

> > For pls files:
> > http://www.shoutclub.com/help/linking.php3
> Thanks. It says that I can use the URL by appanding
> listen.pls as in
> In this case it still wanted to drag down some
> multibegabyte files. What happened?

you read:
Well the simplest method is using your SHOUTcast servers built in Web
server, this feature has a listen link already built in with all the correct
information.  So all you have to do is link to it from an outside source.
How do you do that, quite simple, just use this HTML code:
<a href="http://myserverip:port/listen.pls">Click Here to Listen</a>

*What you missed was "Well the simplest method is using your SHOUTcast
This is Icecast, not SHOUTcast.

Try using an actual .pls file like the page describes.


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