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dj66 route66 at machineandsoul.com
Wed Apr 11 02:11:02 UTC 2001

I am running an oldish Icecast (like 1.3.08), Ices and Libshout from about
that time, and the newest version of WinAmp with ths Source plugins.

For the longest time I've been using Ices to stream a mount point, /DEFAULT,
which just plays random mp3s from the servers hard drive.  But now I've
added a second mountpoint from which live djs can send their streams from,
which are usualy from WinAmp Source plugins.

Right now I was testing it out, with darklight.machineandsoul.com being the
client machine that is streaming data to the shoutcast server (which is
voix.machineandsoul.com).  It's sending music, and other clients can listen
to  the new mountpoint (which is like /icy_0).

However, every 30 seconds darklight.machineandsoul.com is logging into
/DEFAULT (Accepted client # from [darklight.machineandsoul.com] on
mountpoint [/SOURCE]. # clients connected.)  If there are open spots on
/SOURCE then the client stays connected for 1 second, and then disconnects
(Kicking client # [darklight.machineandsoul.com] [Client signed off]
[listener], connected for 1 seconds, ....)

Any ideas whats going on?  It's probably WINAMP.

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