[icecast] "no encoder" error

David Moles deivu at tomigaya.shibuya.tokyo.jp
Tue Apr 10 18:15:30 UTC 2001

Hi. I've just got icecast set up and I'm trying to stream using
shout. That much seems to be working -- the shout console displays
the filenames from the playlist, gradually prints out a line of
dots, etc., etc., while the icecast console shows "accepted encoder
on mountpoint /default".

However, when I try to connect using freeamp, I get

[<datetime>] Kicking unknown n [<ip>] [No encoder], connected for 0 seconds

I've tried all of the following in freeamp:

  <A HREF="http://<server">http://<server</A> name>/
  <A HREF="http://<server">http://<server</A> name>:8000/
  <A HREF="http://<server">http://<server</A> name>:8000/default
  <A HREF="http://<server">http://<server</A> name>:8000/default/

Any guesses what I'm doing wrong?

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