[icecast] what I'd like to do

William Goldsmith wildbill at kpig.com
Mon Apr 9 14:38:55 UTC 2001

> > www.shoutcast.com). And - at least with MP3 - there is a *big*
> > difference in sound quality between 96k & 128k.
> You might want to compare different encoders.  From what I have
> read, lame and its derivatives are great for 128 and higher, and
> the fraunhofer is good for sub-128, and Xing is always the worst.
Xing actually does an excellent job at high bitrates (192k+), but starts to
suck at 128k.  I've found that the Fraunhofer 'low bitrate advantage'
doesn't really kick in noticeably until you go below 64k. Lame seems to hit
a particular 'sour spot' at 56k, and Fraunhofer 56k streams are noticeably
brighter & less 'artifacted'.

Yes, Fraunhofer at 96k & 112k is better than Lame - but neither codec seems
to be optimized for that range. What I've heard of Vorbis at 96k sounds very
promising, though still a step below a good 128k mp3.

I'm wondering if anyone has compared Vorbis & MP4 at 64k & 96k?  The only
MP4 stuff I've heard at those bitrates is from Microsoft's bastardized
flavor of the MP4 codec - and Vorbis wins hands down IMHO.


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