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Jack Moffitt jack at icecast.org
Wed Apr 4 23:57:04 UTC 2001

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> > the bitrate on the mp3's is 128 (great for listening off the HD)
> > 
> > whats a good bitrate to encode for streaming audio?
> I think this might be the problem 128kbps isn't going to work over a modem.
> I think 24kbps is probably the pratical limit for 56k modems. 56k modems might
> be able to get a 32kbps stream but only under optimal conditions.

I believe he said the outgoing stream was two 128k ISDN lines, which
from my ISDN memory I remember as actually having a 112k throughput (the
other channel being used for signalling, etc).  Since you can only push
packets out one at a time with a single tcp connection (i think) 128 is
definately not going to make it out, even if the one possible listener
could receive data that fast.

So a lower bitrate is most certainly necessary.  24kbps is a good one to
choose if you're interested in modem listeners.  A lot of people like
56k but I don't think they realize that most people with 56k modems get
more like 40k throughput or so.  I think going higher than 100k is
fairly wasteful.


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