[icecast] what I'd like to do

John Griffiths john at capmon.com
Tue Apr 3 23:50:31 UTC 2001

ok... topology.

486 with 10BaseT card hooking into 10/100 hub hooking into 10/100 switch hooking into cisco router combining two 128KbpsISDN lines into a consolidated 256kbps line.

listening on my desktop machine is fine, also 10baseT into the same hub as the server.

the bitrate on the mp3's is 128 (great for listening off the HD)

whats a good bitrate to encode for streaming audio?

At 05:49 PM 4/3/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>On Wed, 4 Apr 2001, John Griffiths wrote:
>> i've set up an old 486 running debian 2.2r2 using the debian icecast packages (shout doing the streaming).
>As my sig points out, yes, it is possible.  RiR is linux and icecast
>stripped to the bare necessities.  
>> so far so good, with a bit of fiddling i had a stream that worked fine over the local network
>As I too have seen in practice :/  (I've not yet taken my project to the
>next level, which is actual deployment for clients on the internet.  So
>far it has only been internal testing. ) 
>> remote users are unable to connect.
>I guess if we knew what your topology was (what kind of local lan, what
>kind of upstream, etc)
>> I understand that a better streamer might help. will such a streamer run on such an old machine?
>See above.  Yes.  However, be aware there are limitations (such as
>bandwidth available from the HW).  
>> are there any binaries for such a newer streamer?
>What version is debian at with their packages?  FWIW, RiR is at 1.3.10.
>> would re-encoding my mp3's to a lower bitrate help? whats a good bitrate for modem users?
>That's the bigger question, what bit rate are you sending out?  Are you
>downsampling / forcing a smaller bit rate on your mp3's?  
>Note, if you decided to use RiR (for whatever reason), most of those
>features are not config'd.  You'll need to go into ~/tree/etc/icecast.conf
>and add in the additional values.  Icecast.ref in ~ from the blownout
>tarball is the std icecast.conf file that ships with icecast.  Pick and
>choose what you need out of there.
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