[Icecast-dev] About current Icecast development -- developer edition, issue #2

Philipp Schafft phschafft at de.loewenfelsen.net
Wed May 15 11:19:31 UTC 2019

Good morning,

there have recently be activity I would like to share with you.

Please note that then refering to Icecast this mail represents current
master branch ("2.5.x"). We do recommend to use current stable branch
("2.4.x") for production. However we welcome every tester and are happy
to hear your feedback.

libshout 2.4.2 Released!
        Two and a half weeks ago we released libshout 2.4.2. That
        release was a big step forward. Not even did it fix a lot of
        bugs, it also contains a complete rewrite of the internal state
        Also new is the support for OPTIONS for TLS according to RFC
        2817 that comes along with generally improved TLS support.
        Relevant to development for mobile platforms is that we patched
        common/ (see below) to build libshout on Android. This patch has
        been around and used[0] and is now part of the release.
        While not much changed from the outside view this has been a big
        step that allows us for the next steps.

Talking about next steps in libshout...
        Since our last release there have been some busy days on the
        Changes include:
              * Full HTTP PUT support (which was made possible by the
                new state machine).
              * Updated use of OpenSSL API. This makes libshout ready
                for modern OpenSSL builds.
              * Improved WebM support. For the first time with correct
                timing support for WebM. This makes WebM streaming
                simple! Big Thanks to Tangent 128 for his work on this!
              * Corrections in the build system.
              * More to come!

        I'm looking forward to our next release. We don't have a date
        yet but it will likely be very soon.

common/ becomes libigloo
        The different software components released by the Icecast
        Project share a set of common code. This has been known for the
        past years as common/. However it became clear that the current
        way to share it between the parts could be improved.
        A while ago we decided to make common/ an independent library.
        And recently we did that step. It is know known as libigloo. We
        are currently migrating all the projects to it.
        We are looking forward to it!

        The next beta release of Icecast is about ready. However we are
        currently at halt as the build infrastructure for Windows
        binaries needs major updates. We hope we can resolve this very
        The next beta will be the last one not using libigloo. Starting
        with the second next release libigloo will be needed. The code
        for this has already been written and tested, currently in the
        merge queue as for post the next beta.
        The second next beta will come with some very nice new features
        for debugging and testing as well as some general updates of the
        admin interface. Looking forward to it!
        In the mid term we want to switch from Icecast 2.4.x to Icecast
        2.5.x as our official stable version. We have been collecting
        some updates for Icecast 2.4.5, however we hope that this will
        be the last release of the 2.4.x series.
        There is not yet any date for any of the Icecast releases. We
        will keep you informed!

IceS2, release planed
        We currently work on a new release for IceS2. It has been too
        long since the last one.
        The new release will include experimental support for non-Vorbis
        streams. Including Opus, FLAC, and for the fun, Speex. This
        release will support a set of new settings for controlling TLS
        to match recent libshout development. The usual number of
        smaller fixes is also included.
        While there is no date for the release yet it will be very soon.
        It is currently blocked only by our work for the next libshout

Looking forward to an exciting year for the Icecast Project!

With best regards,

[0] E.g. by https://coolmic.net/

Philipp Schafft (CEO/Geschäftsführer) 
Telephon: +49.3535 490 17 92

Löwenfelsen UG (haftungsbeschränkt)     Registration number:
Bickinger Straße 21                     HRB 12308 CB
04916 Herzberg (Elster)                 VATIN/USt-ID:
Germany                                 DE305133015
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