[Icecast-dev] MetaData Update for FLAC and OPUS

bn at radio42.com bn at radio42.com
Tue Aug 13 11:36:05 UTC 2019

It seems, that with FLAC and OPUS streams (not individual files) the song title (meta data) updates do not work.

Also the ICEcast admin web interface isn’t working for FLAC and OPUS; while it is working for MP3, AAC as well as OGG streams.


I.e. when sending a continuous FLAC or OPUS stream to an ICEcast server, it seems impossible to update the meta data mid-stream (like it works for MP3, AAC or OGG).

I also couldn’t find any way to tell the original FLAC or OPUS encoder to perform the meta data update mid-stream.


Any suggestions?

Or are mid-stream meta-data updates simply not supported?

If they support, I would be glad about any info on how to implement them.

If they are not supported, are there any plans to implement the admin meta data update interface also for FLAC and OPUS?


Many Thanks,


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