[Icecast-dev] Icecast 2.5 beta2 release

Thomas B. Rücker thomas at ruecker.fi
Sat May 19 16:53:55 UTC 2018

We are pleased to announce Icecast 2.5 beta2 (
This is a beta release and not recommended for production use.

## Downloads

-   Source:
-   SHA256sum:
-   Packages:

## New features

- General:
    * Add support for HTTP PUT, including chunked encoding support
    * Improve TLS support including additional options, on the fly
      reload, RFC2817-mode, and TLS and non-TLS connections on same port
    * Improve WebM support
    * HTTP Keep-Alive support
    * New error handling and better HTTP status codes in error cases
    * Improved HTTP headers returned by Icecast
    * Send `<admin>` tag content to YP servers - provides contact
      for directory operators
- Web Interface/API:
    * Add support for Opus metadata in web/stats interface
    * List last played songs in web/stats interface
    * Add support for xsl includes from the admin directory
    * Add `protocol` to listener client stats XML
    * Add `opmode` (operation mode) `strict` option
    * Add support for config reload from the admin interface
- Config:
    * Add new tag `<tls-context>` with childs `<tls-certificate>`,
      `<tls-key>` and `<tls-allowed-ciphers>`
    * Add new `<shoutcast-user>` tag to specify the username
      that is used for SHOUTcast sources
    * Moved `<mime-types>` to the `<paths>` section
    * Rename `<mp3-metadata-interval>` tag to `<icy-metadata-interval>`
    * Rename `<kartoffelsalat>` tag to `<event-bindings>`
    * Rename `ssl` tags (`<ssl>`, `<ssl-certificate>`,
      to `tls` (`<tls>`, `<tls-certificate>`, `<tls-allowed-ciphers>`)

## Fixes
- HTTP PUT now supports chunked encoding
- HTTP PUT with `Expect: 100-Continue` now sends the `200` status as
  at the end of transmission, not right after the `100`
- Fix login problems for admin user, if default mount had auth defined
- Fix that in some cases stats JSON would be malformed
- Fix that the JSON exposed listener details if queried with a specific
- Fix segfault on some bad opus streams
- Fix segfaults due to empty strings in config
- Fix fetching of streamlist (for relaying) from HTTP/1.1 servers
- Fix information disclosure CVE that allowed to view the source
  of a xsl file by appending a `.` to it, when using Icecast on Windows

## Known issues

- YP and m3u playlists do not use the `https` scheme for URLs when using TLS


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