[Icecast-dev] YP publish

Christoph Zimmermann nussgipfel at gmx.ch
Mon Aug 8 10:28:25 UTC 2016


> And in another words,
> What is the influence on the amount of listeners?

I have no idea how many people are using the icecast YP. Would be
interesting to get some rough numbers on unique access and how
many search queries are submitted each month.

In my experience, icecast YP is not an important source of listeners.

> Maybe there is third-party index engines that pulling information
> from YP? Or im thinking too far?...

In my experience no. Third-party index engines use (used?) often just
shoutcast.com or built there own webradio crawler for that (quite

The most important directory service for a internetradio station by far
is vtuner. It is normal when didn't hear that before. I don't work for
this company or similar, it is just my own experience.

vtuner is a company providing databases about internetradio stations
ready made for embedded devices. It is used by more or less every
manufacturer of internetradio capable devices (as I know only Pure has
its own directory), means you need to be in vtuner to be listed
in Sonos, Denon, Sony, Logitech Squeezebox and many more.

To add your station:


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