[Icecast-dev] why HLS/DASH are problematic in an Icecast context

Daniel James daniel.james at sourcefabric.org
Fri Feb 20 09:42:08 PST 2015

Hi Ralph,

>> > the basic
>> > idea, as I understand it, is to extend the .m3u playlist format so that
>> > stream listeners can automatically choose alternative sources for the
>> > same content. That could be implemented in a codec-agnostic way.

> Stitching together compressed media streams for gapless playback isn't
> trivial

I'm sure. I can see why limiting the spec makes sense for Apple, and
anyone else whose goal is to support Apple devices only. I just thought
that a standard could specify the playlist format without forcing a
particular codec, since better codecs might come along...

> .ogg and .opus support sample-accurate
> cuts and cross-lapping for gapless transitions between arbitrary
> segments

That sounds good! Maybe someone should tell Apple :-)


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