[Icecast-dev] Android Java source for icecast streaming

marcin at saepia.net marcin at saepia.net
Thu Jun 19 22:56:39 PDT 2014

Rewriting everything is not necessary. I have a working solution for
metadata extraction, that still relies on MediaPlayer, I can license it for
a fair price.

I am using it here: http://radiofonia.net/android

20 cze 2014 06:59 "John Selbie" <jselbie at hotmail.com> napisał(a):

> Greetings,
> tl;dr - I'm looking for sources to an Android Icecast client written in
> Java.
> long summary:
> I maintain an open source Android app (WREK Online) that plays the live
> mp3 stream from the station's Icecast server.
> Using the built in MediaPlayer class that is part of the Android SDK works
> OK. As a developer, I just give it the streaming URL of the Icecast server,
> hook up a few callbacks, and it plays just fine.  But this class has its
> limitations and a few bugs.
> The biggest limitation of Android's MediaPlayer class is that it can't
> pull down the metadata from the Icecast server. It doesn't pass allow an
> option for the developer to pass up an Ice-MetaData header for the
> specified URL. And even if you could, it likely wouldn't be able to parse
> out the inline metadata within the returned HTTP byte stream (as indicated
> by the presence of an icy-metaint header).
> So therefore, my app can't show the current artist and song title on the
> screen very easily. An alternative option is to continuously make an http
> polling request for the "status.xsl" page on the server and parse this
> information out. But polling isn't an ideal solution.
> I am considering going full on an writing my own replacement for
> MediaPlayer. This would mean handling my own HTTP streaming, my own MP3
> frame parser,  additional code to extract out the metadata from the stream
> bytes, calling into Android's MediaCodec APIs to convert to PCM, and
> ultimately into an AudioTrack instance. All of which I am comfortable
> doing. However, this will likely take me a better part of a week to get
> working with lots of testing and bug fixing.
> Is there an open-source solution I could potentially leverage? I know
> there are few Linux projects written in C/C++ that have been ported to the
> Android NDK, but I'd prefer an Android Java solution.  I've Google'd
> around, but couldn't find anything definitive.
> Suggestions?
> Thanks,
> jSelbie
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