[Icecast-dev] Android App for Icecast Administration

Daniel James daniel.james at sourcefabric.org
Mon Oct 7 04:30:07 PDT 2013

Hi Thomas,
> That said you can get this data, somehow out of Icecast through
> polling XML files in /stats/. it will just be horribly inefficient.
> Look at the previously mentioned documentation. I clearly recommend
> against it.

Advice noted, thanks!

>> Yes, usually you need to report at intervals, but in the meantime you
>> want to be able to predict those costs.
> Which is completely irrelevant to the point of how you generate those
> statistics. It will always be historical data and not real time.

It is true that we only know the connection duration for an individual
listener after the connection has ended. Perhaps I should have said
'near real time' :-)

>> It may be that we need to use something like
>> https://github.com/jonty-comp/iceking on the Icecast side and find
>> another way of getting this data to the users.
> So if you don't have any way to access the server files, how are you
> going to run that?

We do have shell access to our own Icecast servers, but Airtime users
are free to use any Icecast service, including those that don't provide
detailed stats. So our current listener graph was meant to provide a
useful interface in all situations, but I can see it's not the right
solution for everyone.



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