[Icecast-dev] Streaming AAC with libshout?

Thomas Rücker thomas.ruecker at tieto.com
Mon Jun 24 11:27:48 PDT 2013

Just going to drop my 0,02€ here too.

On 24 June 2013 16:47, Daniel James <daniel.james at sourcefabric.org> wrote:
> Hi Greg,
>> The open source AAC/HE-AAC encoders offer pretty poor audio quality.
>> Sometimes you really do get what you pay for, and this is a perfect example.
> An alternative explanation might be that open source developers were not
> particularly motivated to work on improving AAC encoders, because of
> difficulties experienced when trying to distribute patent-encumbered code.

This is at least the explanation why the earlier sent patch by Paul is
unlikely to get merged in mainline libshout, as helpful and valuable
it might be for some people. We encourage open and patent-problem-free

Especially now that with Opus there is a codec, that can at the least
match the AAC/HE-AAC efficiency and has already gained main-stream
browser support with Firefox, Opera and Chrome probably soon to join.
Also it's one of the WebRTC codecs and as such will see further



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