[Icecast-dev] Some General questions related to icecast api

"Thomas B. Rücker" thomas.ruecker at tieto.com
Sun Jun 23 03:14:40 PDT 2013


On 23/06/13 12:20, RITESH MEHANDIRATTA wrote:
> 1.How much Internet streams are in the icecast radio directory and
> accessible using this url ??

You can see the statistics on the front page: http://dir.xiph.org/
This returns the total count of individual Icecast streams listed.

The APIs return for technical reasons a slightly lower number of
streams. We omit streams that have 0 listeners and at the same time
fulfil other criteria. This is important as API requests are usually
cached for a while and the streams we filter out are usually
disappearing very quickly (from seconds to minutes).

> 2.Streams on icecast server are different or it is possible that both
> api will return same stream url ??

Both the web-interface and the API use the same database, so the
ultimate stream URL will always be the same.
The web interface however is NOT for automated consumption and should
not be attempted to parse. We may change it at any time to e.g. update
our web design. Attempts at doing so will be blacklisted as they have
already previously caused problems to our service.

> 3. what is the significance of these json attributes "channels":NaN
> ,"media_type_id"103", "current_song":"89ers - Louder"

That is part of the EXPERIMENTAL output of the JSON API, but partly
applies to the XML too.
- channels is a deprecated variable and will likely be removed
- media_type_id designates the container and or codec used by the stream.
  this is an internal value and will soon be replaced by mime-type and
plain text representation
  for reference of current users this is:
   id      media_type_name
   100     Unknown
   101     ogg vorbis
   102     ogg theora
   103     MP3
   104     NSV
   105     aac
   106     aac+
   107     Opus
   108     WebM
- current_song is the last 'now playing' metadata submitted by the
icecast server hosting the stream

All previously posted known issues still apply.
If you find issues not yet known, please bring them up on this mailing list.
If you do, please mention the number reported by the api revision
header, so that we can identify that properly.

Best regards,

Thomas B. Ruecker

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