[Icecast-dev] MySQL Stats

Alejandro cdgraff at gmail.com
Mon Aug 5 11:18:28 PDT 2013


Thanks! will be great if you upload some screenshots....

I'm using icecast-kh branch into all my setups for this reason I think
can't use your fork, the main reason KH support multitread and when I need
setup big cluster with icecast, Karl help me a lot doing incredible work
into his fork... I recommend write them too and see if they can help you
with the integration.
In my case I have created a logs parser to put all the information into DB
the volume of concurrent users the platform have is biggest, more than 120k
concurrent users on daily peak and near 500k daily listeners, after test
many GUI and Mysql scripts I can't process the amount of line of logs into
any way, I thing need do something like BigData but at this moment don't
have money to this project.

My script be available into github too: http://bit.ly/QKLUNu


2013/8/5 Luca Cireddu <sardylan at gmail.com>

> I'm also working on PHP pages to browse stats.
> You can find it at https://github.com/sardylan/icecast-mysql-phpstats
> Bye.
> --
> Luca Cireddu
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