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renato fringuello rfringuello at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 02:45:22 PDT 2012

Hi! I'm here again, I hope I am not too boring!

I took some radios from yp.xml 2 days ago, but today someone (like
http://streaming207.radionomy.com/AngeFM) answers to me :
"The file you requested could not be found"
what's the problem?
They doesn't exist anymore? They are off now and they could be on later?


2012/9/26 renato fringuello <rfringuello at gmail.com>:
> Ok, you have been very clear.
> If I have any other questions I will contact again.
> Thanks a lot.
> Best
> Renato
> 2012/9/25 Rücker Thomas <thomas.ruecker at tieto.com>:
>> On 25/09/12 18:41, renato fringuello wrote:
>>> For example, this station: http://radio.dyne.org:8000/ondarossa.mp3
>>> has got a xspf file?
>>> I obtain a message: Could not parse XSLT file when i try to open it
>> Ah, you are talking about the /individual/ servers, not about
>> http://dir.xiph.org - that explains it!
>> So let's deconstruct this:
>> This is the status page: http://radio.dyne.org:8000/
>> It has a link to http://radio.dyne.org:8000/blackout.mp3.xspf
>> If you click that link it will show "Could not parse XSLT file".
>> This is a problem of /this/ particular server.
>> I think in Icecast 2.3.x there was a problem that the make-file would
>> not install the xspf.xsl file properly and thus some distributions
>> carried 'broken' packages.
>> Sadly nothing you can do about that on your side. Most up to date
>> servers should provide that though. (the administrator can disable it
>> though, together with the web interface).
>>> For the stations that I can't found in yp.xml
>>> (e.g.
>>>         http://stream15.top-ix.org/ondequadre )
>>> it means they aren't on an official database ? because I can hear
>>> them! so they exist!
>> While those stations do exist they did not chose to be listed on
>> dir.xiph.org.
>> It is up to the server administrator and the stream themselves to enable
>> directory listing. Not everyone does that.
>> c.f. http://www.icecast.org/docs/icecast-2.3.3/icecast2_config_file.html#yp
>> http://www.icecast.org/docs/icecast-2.3.3/icecast2_config_file.html#mount
>>> The project to enrich the APIs is a long term plan? Because I think
>>> this is a very good project and it needs APIs!!
>> Yes it's a long term plan. First I'd like to understand the needs of
>> application developers.
>> Likely it's going to be quite simple though so that we can cope with the
>> load of many clients on the server side.
>>> Thanks again for your disponibility and sorry for my english!
>> No problem, we're here to help.
>> Cheers
>> Thomas
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