[Icecast-dev] libshout crashing during pause

Ralph Giles giles at thaumas.net
Mon Sep 17 11:15:54 PDT 2012

On 12-09-17 9:29 AM, George R. Welch wrote:

> Background:  What I want to do is periodically stream a file (or
> several) to icecast, but with stretches of time in between with nothing
> playing.  I want the mount-point active so that listeners can connect
> (even if nothing is currently playing). Then whenever my client sends
> another stream to icecast, the various listeners would just hear it.

As Mike says, that's not how icecast works. However, you can do
something like this by specifying a fallback stream in the mount config.
That should switch clients to the fallback stream if you aren't sending
anything from your source.

This is more important for video; sending digital silence for audio is
cheap. :)


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