[Icecast-dev] /* Check for midi header in logical stream */

Marc marc at let.de
Wed Jun 20 06:01:10 PDT 2012

Hello List,

as an long time macintosh user , musican/producer/programmer , i am very
upset that another great technology (DSS ) vanished because of http
streaming so i turned my interest towards icecast, whitch seems an
fantastic and evolved media streaming server.

I am very interested in Midi, especialy the possibility to *sync Audio with
So my question , would it be possible to stream a Vocal track for example,
via icecast and syncronise a reciever via Midi clock ?


Marc Manthey
50823 Köln, germany
Phone: 0049-221-29891489
Mobile : 0049-1577-3329231
Website: http://let.de
Email: marc at let.de
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