[Icecast-dev] You don't check for malloc failure

Christian Mueller christian at hbr1.com
Sun May 8 13:51:09 PDT 2011

probably one missing point...

being serious

> Wow, I missed this patch for so long,
> Thank you for the huge effort of finding all this and sending the patch.
> That said, it doesn't seem like the right solution to abort() when out
> of memory. what needs to be done is to return an error, and track down
> the call path to handle gracefully.
> in admin, return http err code,
> in auth passwd, drop connection,
> in auth url, drop connection,
> in config probably print to stderr and abort();
> in connection, drop connection,
> in vorbis, close source, (that'll close clients and free a whole bunch
>                           of memory)
> ...
> that's a quick top-of-my head review, do you think you want to look a
> bit deeper into that ?
> Cheers,
> --
> Niv Sardi
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