[Icecast-dev] Streaming ogg files with multiple audio

Andres Gonzalez acandido at hi-iberia.es
Wed Oct 6 03:31:30 PDT 2010


I've got a solution. It's simply increasing the burst size in icecast.xml.

In my case, setting burst_size to 226143 worked (the video stops 
slightly in some instants, but most time it runs fluidly). (Note that 
the test file size is about 1 MB).

While testing, I observed that with a normal video (single audio) first, 
refbufs got with get_next_buffer() in source_main(), had lengths: 73, 
618, 73, 3303, 2106, 3755, ...
But with mix1.ogg (double audio), lengths were: 59417, 42471, 43592, 
61627, ...
This implied that in the second iteration of the main loop of 
source_main(), source->burst_offset exceeded source->burst_size and 
refbufs at source->burst_point begin to be discarded.

That caused, time after, that client->refbuf was NULL very frecuently, 
and find_client_start() could not find a refbuf with sync_point==1 (and 
therfore give a refbuf to the client), because the refbuf queue at 
source->burst_point had just 1 item.

I don't know yet if these big sizes are due to icecast or oggfwd.

Hope anyone finds this interesting.


On 30/09/10 16:58, Andres Gonzalez wrote:
>    On 24/09/10 11:14, Andres Gonzalez wrote:
>>   On 21/09/10 19:38, Karl Heyes wrote:
>>> On 21/09/10 16:01, Andres Gonzalez wrote:
>>>>     Hello,
>>>> I am having problems when trying to stream an ogg file with one video
>>>> track and two audio tracks (playeres cannot read de file from the
>>>> mountpoint). Is there anything in the way Icecast is designed that
>>>> disables it? If so, could you please give me some hint about how to add
>>>> this feature?
>>> the 2 audio tracks is unusual so there may be an issue on that. Lets
>>> see the error log (level 4) but you may need to provide a sample file
>>> if there is an issue.
>>> karl.
>> Here's the error log.
> In this context,  source->format->read_bytes is increasing, but
> get_next_buffer() always returns NULL (because util_timed_wait_for_fd()
> returns 0). Any idea of what's happening?
> TIA,
> Andres
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