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> > Do anybody know any method where I can stream my images to icecast server
> > using some intermediate png to ogg conversion and then using oggfwd.
> http://wiki.xiph.org/Kate can embed PNG images in Ogg.
> If that fits what you want to do and you have any question, please
> feel free to ask.

Thanks, I am looking into it.
Basically, I have not see any conference or sharing application which is
build on open source/free software and follow open standard. I am looking to
create one which is fully open. At the same time i am unhappy to see that
most of the e-learning sites capture all streams into single video streams.
for example, a teacher may teach with audio, video, slides, whiteboard,
images. If you capture everything in single video stream then everything is
lossed. I have proposed to have multi-stream delivery mechanism where
teacher from his desktop will select how many stream will go to central
server. now webserver will receive every stream along with a synchronization
stream. Now when a student connect to server, he can select streams to
watch. for example a poor student from India will untick on video option and
he will be happy to see slides and audio.
I am working on this project from last 2 year but unable to donate time. I
have even quit my job and doing freelancing. I want to do it as I can create
better community of student and better tools then
http://wikieducator.orgwhich is flash based.
Read document at http://eduvid.techfandu.org

If you can guide me, it will be great.

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│    http://narendrasisodiya.com
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