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Sun Jun 6 23:52:00 PDT 2010

changes, there are lots of formatting changes, and things like
additions of "XXX: ..." comments that don't say anything helpful -
these will need removing before the patches are really reviewable.

A higher-level description of what you're attempting to accomplish
with these patchsets would also be very helpful - but much more detail
than "performance and reliability".

All that said: Icecast2 is largely unmaintained these days - I don't
know if anyone is interested in going through these and figuring out
which ones are mergeable, which need fixing, and which shouldn't be
used at all.


On Fri, Jul 30, 2010 at 7:54 AM, Niv Sardi <nsardi at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I work at, we have here some patches on IceCast for
> performance and reliability, these are mostly client/connection/source
> cleanups (a slave merge is underway, and some more good stuff (c)),
> but we'd like this to be merged in before the list gets any longer.
> Please find attached a list of our patches with a short desc:
> This one is actually not from us/me, it was found on a forum long time
> ago, and I re-worked it a bit, sorry for the name stealing, author
> please manifest.
> =A0[PATCH 01/31] Hack to support IPhone streaming
> [Thread connection]
> =A0[PATCH 02/31] introduce thread_cond_init and refrase thread_cond_creat=
> [Get rid of the {WARN,INFO,DEBUG,..}n macros]
> =A0[PATCH 03/31] LOGGING add non arg-counted macros.
> [simplify header parsing, inspired by source.c code]
> =A0[PATCH 04/31] UTIL, add find_eos_delim and use it to simplify util_rea=
d_header (pending con)
> =A0[PATCH 05/31] connection: make process_request_queue use util_find_eos=
> =A0[PATCH 06/31] connection.c: use util_find_eos_delim to simplify _handl=
> [cleanup shoutcast code]
> =A0[PATCH 07/31] Connection: make _handle_shoutcast_compatible more reada=
> [cleanup generic connection code]
> =A0[PATCH 08/31] connection: _handle_connection re-roll logic in a more r=
eadeable way.
> =A0[PATCH 09/31] connection: simplify _handle_connection (make it more re=
> =A0[PATCH 10/31] Connection: _accept_connection, simplify logic
> =A0[PATCH 11/31] Connection: connection_accept_loop, pass timeout
> [big refactoring]
> =A0[PATCH 12/31] Connection: refactor source_startup
> =A0[PATCH 13/31] Connection: let everything go through fserve
> [add post support]
> =A0[PATCH 14/31] Add POST support. WARNING, still no AUTH
> [re-work connection process, to a more readable and simple way]
> =A0[PATCH 15/31] Connection: simplify in-connection handeling (kill 1 fun=
ction, and break shoutcast)
> =A0[PATCH 16/31] Connection: extract connection_process
> =A0[PATCH 17/31] Connection: add threads this needs to go after the clien=
t_tag_t obsoletting patch
> =A0[PATCH 18/31] connection_process takes node, con_q_t gets refbuf, and =
con_t timeout, util updated
> =A0[PATCH 19/31] connection: process takes node, not con+args, cleanup er=
ror handeling (propagate)
> =A0[PATCH 20/31] connection: add parser to connection, and use read_heade=
rs changes.
> =A0[PATCH 21/31] Add Client in connection_queue_t
> =A0[PATCH 22/31] Fix Shoutcast, Move it to a one-pass process
> [tweaks]
> =A0[PATCH 23/31] connection: duration should be bigger
> =A0[PATCH 24/31] connection: reorder logic in connection_setup_sockets
> =A0[PATCH 25/31] client_send_400, print 400 message
> =A0[PATCH 26/31] Connection: handle_client returns err to client (via cli=
> =A0[PATCH 27/31] connection: more coments for remy
> =A0[PATCH 28/31] Big Comments cleanup
> =A0[PATCH 29/31] connection: client_setup, send 403 when we can for error
> =A0[PATCH 30/31] connection: _close set everything to NULL on the way out
> [this might be a bug]
> =A0[PATCH 31/31] source: make get_next_buffer try only 10 times and then =
bail out
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