[Icecast-dev] Wishlist for icecast 2.3.x

Lorenzo Pirovano pirovano at pirovano.ch
Thu Jun 10 15:02:51 PDT 2010

Based on icecast 2.3.2 (openbsd 4.5 package)

Inactive Mount-Point display:
<mount>'s that have a fallback defined and have currently no source, will appear in status.xsl, after a signal HUP (kill -s 1) while the fallback-mount is active (could also be a mp3 file). This could also happen by properly killing icecast and restarting, and where the source (ices in my case) is reconnectin quite instantly.
Remedy: disconnect the fallback-source, do the signal HUP, reconnect the fallback-source.
Idea: Don't display any inactive mounts in status.xsl in any case.

Slave with <master-server> defined:
In case the master has a fallback (hidden) for a specific mount, listeners on the slave will get the master's fallback for a few seconds only, after the source is gone, and then disconnects from the slave.
Remedy: set a <mount> with the same name with fallback on the slave. Slave will then serve the fallback.
Idea: Let listeners connecting to the slave get the master's fallback stream, like they would connect directly to the master.

Slave with <relay> defined:
The master's fallback is working here. However, when the first listener gets the fallback (with its metadata and no-yp), and the source is taking over, metadata are not coming, and yp not updating.
Idea: The slave should recognize the take-over from fallback to actual source and vice-versa.

When a fallback occurs (source is disconnecting), the mount disappears from the master's status.xsl, but not from the slave's when listeners are connected to.
Idea: Make it disappear on the slave, while listeners are still able to get the master's fallback stream.

In case on-demand on, the mount appears in status.xsl after the first listeners connects. When there is no more listener on the slave, the mount remains on status.xsl without server name, and description, but with Listeners: 0 etc.

In case on-demand off, and the mount inactive (no source), i doesn't show up in status.xsl, but when a listeners can connect and gets the master's fallback, the mound will appear in status.xsl.
Idea: That shouldn't happen. When a listeners gets the fallback on the master directly, the desired mount they wanted to reach doesn't show up.


For my taste and logic, on-demand shall only be applicable to the streams themselves.
Mount-Point information and Metadata shall always be transmitted periodically (option) and displayed for both <master-server> and <relay>,
and only when the mounts are active.
When mounts are inactive, they must never be displayed.
Trying to get listen to an inactive mount, the slave shall always knock to the master, and at least get the fallback if there is one.

Lorenzo Pirovano (aka mankind_ @ #icecast @ freenode)
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