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Paul Zaremba pzaremba at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 23:28:42 PST 2010

Hello, everyone.  Please forgive any rambling tone in this message, as it is
late and I am tired.

I'm parachuting in here as a long time user of the wonderful Icecast server.
 My programming skills and random walk of life have progressed to the point
where I've created an Icecast-compatible HE-AAC+ source for OS X.   All of
these years I've been a Winamp man, and have made limited programming forays
into DSP plugins and the like, and have operated my private stream using
Windows, but always wanted to free myself from the Windows environment and
have a broadcast chain using nothing but LINUX.  My main server box in the
basement is the latest Ubuntu flavor.

Let it be known now that along with loving LINUX, I am an Apple fanboi and
appreciate what Apple does, even though they have recently been doing some
not-so-nice things.  In any case, I've finally gained an intermediate
understanding of the wonders of Cocoa/Core Audio/Objective-C/X
Code/Interface Builder, and managed to figure out how to write an Icecast
source, streaming HE-AAC+ data using a reference coder from this guy


The prototype that I created is called the "OHR Transmitter", where OHR
stands for "Outer Hebrides Radio", which is a name provided by a Scottish
foreign exchange student for our 1W low-power FM station that we ran out of
a dorm back when.  My friend Trace and I like to run streams with live
shows, even if nobody is listening, and the Icecast server has been a very
valuable tool for us for a very long time.  I really appreciate the work
that everyone has done for me for free :-)

The source that I wrote runs on anything from Tiger (10.4) and up, because
my friend in Pennsylvania has a Ti-book, and needs to keep 10.4 on there for
his Pro Tools install...so the source that I wrote has a pretty broad
application across the installed base of OS X.  I plan on starting a
Sourceforge project for it, but it got me to thinking.

I like to work on audio stuff in the evening after my day job, and have
about 12 years now in the industry doing software work.  I am solid in C and

I would like to contribute to this project in any way that I might be
needed.  I've never been involved in a open source project, and think that
perhaps now may be the time to pitch in somewhere in an area which I have a
great interest.

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