[Icecast-dev] Is icecast.org still active ?

Romain Beauxis toots at rastageeks.org
Sat Mar 21 09:37:59 PDT 2009

	Hi all !

Sorry to raise a provocative question like this at first glance, but that is 
the real topic in this mail.

Some months ago, I proposed a patch to libshout adding custom mime
support when adding new mountpoints [1]. After some discussions and some 
corrections, the patch was accepted.

Now, almost 6 month after, the patch has not yet been added to the SVN
trunk for libshout [2], as it seems.

As you can imagine, this is somehow frustrating for us, since we rely on this 
patch for various features in our program. 

I do not want to put a blame on anyone for this, since I know that in 
volontary projects, we all have other commitements. However, as a project, 
such a situation does not seem a good thing for me. In particular, it blocks 
any further contribution and possible contributor.

Now, I come to this message since now we are experiencing with ogg/dirac video
encoding. As such, icecast does not support those streams. However, I wanted 
to try to patch it to support them. 

As you can imagine, I am now stuck since I do not really want to start such a 
work if I have no garantee that my contributions will be considered...

Please, don't take this as an agressive question. I have always appreciated 
icecast.org and the various great work that you did in multimedia streaming
for the free software world. However, I have come to the issue that if it 
takes more than 6 months to accept a simple patch like the one for libshout,
there must be some issues in the activity level of this project.


[2]: http://svn.xiph.org/icecast/trunk/libshout

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