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Greg Ogonowski greg at orban.com
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When the Tuner2 iPhone Player hits the Apple iTunes Apps Store, this 
should solve everyone's player problem:


There is a lot of information on this page. It tells an interesting 
story about audio quality.

This player is not an Orban project.


At 18:16 2009-03-16, oddsock wrote:
>As of right now, you are out of luck in terms of instream metadata 
>with the embedded quicktime player that's distributed with the 
>iphone OS.  As Christopher says, there are many ways to get the same 
>effect, but they ALL require you to build custom iPhone apps.  There 
>are a whole mess of radio apps out there, and they are all pretty 
>similar, and NONE of them use the embedded quicktime object.
>The icecast patch that I wrote (and Christopher extended) just 
>worked at a HTTP header/response level to pretty much "pretend" to 
>be a "progressive download" server, which is the only type of 
>streaming supported by the iphone quicktime object.  It works great 
>for certain cases, but falls a bit short in others.
>Another nice thing (NOT) about the quicktime object is that it's 
>fullscreen and doesn't work in anything but, which means that you 
>can't use the technique Christopher suggests about having an AJAX 
>"poller" for the metadata because if you are using the quicktime 
>object, it takes up the entire screen and you have no ability to 
>change it or change any of the text that it displays.  Thank you Apple!
>On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 2:11 PM, Christopher Zenzel 
><<mailto:czenzel at me.com>czenzel at me.com> wrote:
>Hi Bob,
>I am thinking that metadata could be streamed to the iPhone with 
>some additonal work. There are some possible methods including 
>wrapping a custom interface (either a Web App or iPhone SDK App) to 
>check with a server script to grab metadata and display it as its 
>streaming the Icecast MP3 Format.
>For example:
>There would be two domains such as icecast.server and 
>metadata.server on the Internet. The icecast.server runs the latest 
>Icecast release version with the iPhone patches. The metadata.server 
>would run a script that can check for metadata either from a 
>database or the Icecast server to display in a XML format.
>Then a display page such as web.server/display.php/htm would contact 
>the metadata server and display its information and have an embeeded 
>CoreMedia or Quicktime Player to play the stream from the actual 
>icecast server.
>With the use of AJAX or automated checking in the page, you could 
>check the metadata server's script every 3-25 seconds to return XML 
>to be displayed such as:
><metadata><title>Stream Title</title><song>A Song</song><artist>An 
>and display it with the XMLHTTPRequest object that both the iPhone 
>and Desktop Safari provides...
>The built in Safari and Quicktime Player may be limited by certain 
>things to prevent it from showing metadata on screen. The goals of 
>the patches that I posted allow direct streaming on the iPhone 
>without any additonal applications. You would need to point the 
>browser or quicktime player directly to the stream (icecast.server/stream.mp3).
>There are some players such as WunderRadio on the App Store that 
>allow custom URLs and support metadata without modification of the 
>Icecast or Windows Media servers to support the iPhone. The 
>WunderRadio app costs about 5-6 dollars.
>Christopher Zenzel
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