[Icecast-dev] Memory leak on Icecast 2.3.2 / Debian ?

Jussi Kukkonen jku at goto.fi
Tue Dec 8 03:36:53 PST 2009

Gilles PIETRI wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been noticing a huge memory usage on Icecast 2.3.2 on multiple 
> debian instances. They are using like 100 MB after a day and going on 
> until they hit like 1 GB.. So I ran one in valgrind, and killed it after 
> ~24h, here is the output:


> The valgrind output seems to indicate a leak in libxml2, I'm gonna try 
> to see if this is linked to the way the icecast or libxml package is 
> compiled/patched in debian, but I'm not too familiar with this kind of 
> problems, so if you have something to say about this issue, I'd love to 
> hear about it!

xmlEncodeEntitiesReentrant() return values must be freed, so probably 
not a libxml problem.

The Debian Testing Icecast source (2.3.2-4) does seem to have a case 
where they are not freed: a do-while loop in stats.c:stats_get_xml() can 
leak when breaking early. This code is not present in -kh17 that I'm 
using and all xmlEncodeEntitiesReentrant() calls are fine there.

  - Jussi

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