[Icecast-dev] Updated version of patch

Michel Van den Bergh michel.vandenbergh at uhasselt.be
Sat Aug 30 07:00:49 PDT 2008

Attached is a patch against shout-python-0.2 which does two trivial but 
very useful things

(1) The function "get_connected" is exported so that shout-python 
becomes usable
in nonblocking mode. In the current version of shout-python "open"
raises an exception in nonblocking mode.

(2) The global interpreter lock is released in the potentially blocking
functions "open", "send" and "sync".  In this way a shout-python can run 
in blocking mode
in a separate  thread without blocking other threads.

Both parts were tested.

I needed either (1) or (2) to make a webgui for controlling an icecast 
I tried both approaches. They both work but in the end I opted for (2) 
since the code was cleaner.


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