[Icecast-dev] Patch to support .pls .asx .ram .qtl listing formats on last SVN

Infomaniak Network SA / Guy Baconniere baco at infomaniak.ch
Thu Oct 4 02:31:36 PDT 2007

Hi Karl,

> While I think most of this is fine, I think in the fserve part (where
> the checks to see if there is a playlist file in webroot), they all
> seem to follow the same pattern so that would tend to indicate a
> function to reduce duplication.
> At the moment I'm wondering whether these responses could be
> automatically generated from xslt files? like xspf is.
> karl.

I have developed this patch to avoid us to create "by hand"
one file for each listing format for each mounts.

One part of the problem with icecast is that you cannot choose
mime  type of each web files or having ASIS file like on Apache.

I have cloned fserve functions to have dissociate functions
for each kind of listing format and don't have one huge function

I agree some part of the code could be included in a single
function to avoid code duplication. Make a function dispatcher
to point to each function who give the corresponding HTTP header
for each format.

Best Regards,


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