[Icecast-dev] Log / Dump Rotation Feature Request

Robert Böhme Robert-Boehme at gmx.de
Sat May 5 04:12:35 PDT 2007


my name ist Robert.

I just wanted to know if there are any Plans for implementing a Log
Rotation (e.g. daily base) or dump rotation (e.g. session based).

A feature like this is not only needed for easier organisation of
Archives but for comply with the german GEMA laws.
The so called GEMA, states that (the System Administrator) should keep a
copy of alle Shows for at least a month due to legal issues.

Right now i wrote a small script which rotate's the dump.ogg file and
renames it.
The BASH Script is executed by the on-connect and on-disconnect source

It would be nice to have an internal rotation feature because so the
files could be more "logicaly" seperated.
For Example:


U see it, could be quiete usefull in many ways.
To comply with the GEMA Laws and to create quiete a well sorted and
informational Archieve of all shows.

kind regards,

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