[Icecast-dev] Re: [Vorbis-dev] Re: Online Monthly Meeting scheduled to 11th July 2007, 06:00 UTC; Confirmed

Silvia Pfeiffer silviapfeiffer1 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 04:08:05 PDT 2007


I think it was an awesome meeting and the decisions that were made are
great! I apologize for not turning up.

I had a post-meeting discussion with Monty on the MIME types issue and
he is fine with the community-decision, alas a bit disappointed that
the flag-ship extension is deprecated.

We will now have to prepare Internet-Drafts in preparation for new
RFCs for the new mime types and get into a discussion with IETF/IANA
as to changing the old registration. If that is not possible, we may
need to revert to the earlier suggestion of keeping .ogg for "anything
in ogg" rather than .ogx , and accept the problem that audio HW
players are going to barf on .ogg video files.

I am rather busy these days, so if anybody else is willing to take a
lead in preparing the RFCs and I would just provide support, I would
be quite happy with that. Shoot me an email.


On 7/11/07, Ivo Emanuel Gonçalves <justivo at gmail.com> wrote:
> Guys and Silvia, do come please.  If this meeting is a fiasco, there
> will be a lot of stuff to discuss on some other meeting in what...?
> November?  Not good.
> If you cannot come in time (like Silvia and Sebastian) we will wait a
> bit, but do come.
> If you cannot come at all, state your opinions on the issues at hand
> through the mailing lists.  Your opinion is important.
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