[Icecast-dev] Writing Alpha Tags into the comments of an ogg stream

roger roger at eskimo.com
Fri Jul 20 23:26:55 PDT 2007

On Fri, 2007-07-20 at 17:31 -0700, Aaron Gutierrez wrote:

> You should look at the source code for oddcast. it has a neat way of
> adding
> metadata to the ogg stream.  It uses libogg (which is it using to
> encode the
> vorbis stream) and sort of creates a new beginning of stream packet
> with the
> new metadata, so that icecast knows to pick up the change.
If I'm not mistaken, oddcast sounds like it's doing both, encoding and
capturing and has the code to edit tags.

Since I'm writing a second program to capture a 2nd devices output for
tags and then using line-in for alsa, I don't think using libogg for
this is possible, because I'm not calling the fork.  Ices is.

So I've got two programs.  Ices records line-in on alsa interface.
While my program gets the metadata info from serial port (/dev/ttyS1)
then writes this to ~/.dsctl/metadata.  Once done, SIGUSR1 to ices
process & vola! done.

> If you aren't using ices to encode the audio, only to send it, I would
> suggest posting the metadata to icecast directly using either
> libshout 
not even using libshout here.. at least I don't think so.

> or
> via an http admin post.

Would require having the user specify user/pass, but is another way.  I
think there was a hiccup with this method as I did the research a couple
of days ago.  One issue, I couldn't simple just cat the info into an
http address <darn>.
> unfortunately you are limited by this latter method of setting the
> Artist
> and Title metadata.
> Also, you can definitely save the pid of ices, and send it SIGHUP to
> reread
> its configuration data.

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Fri Jul 20 23:15:16 PDT 2007

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