[Icecast-dev] Icecast protocol

David Baelde david.baelde at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 01:19:06 PST 2007


On 1/5/07, Ian Descôteaux <descoteauxi at gmail.com> wrote:
> Well I'm writing my own source client to automatize song selection,
> decoding/encoding and maintaning a few tasks on my website (listeners
> requests, current playing song and playlist, etc...)

That doesn't really motivate writing a new client from scratch. You
can do that with the perl interface of xiph's ices2 already, although
it may grow messy as you add features. I can't resist encouraging you
to take a look at liquidsoap too, which is a script language for
building audio streamers. It is high-level and gives very much
flexibility. (Also, it isn't only about playing a sequence of files
but can do audio processing: sound effects, add, fade..)

But if you want to have fun coding a source client, I understand too :)


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