[Icecast-dev] icecast and RTMP

Ulrich Teichert ulrich.teichert at freiheit.com
Thu Dec 20 04:19:09 PST 2007

Dear Icecast developers,

we (freiheit.com and radio.de) are using Icecast as a streaming server.
Our targeted client is based on Adobe flash.

We investigate the options to implement RTMP streaming
(an Adobe streaming format: http://osflash.org/documentation/amf)
as an alternative streaming format for the Icecast server
to improve the quality of audio streaming in flash clients.

Background: flash (as of now) is not capable to play back Icecast
or shoutcast streams without ugly workarounds which differ
from browser to browser.

We thought about other ways, like putting a proxy in front of our
Icecast server, but in the end this looks like the most elegant
solution. If our patches would be accepted to be integrated into
the mainline Icecast server, every website could benefit.

Implementation idea
>From our point of view, there are two options:

a) extending the generic stream (after all, it's nothing more than MP3
   data + metadata).
b) adding a new format with separate connection handling

Which implementation would be better? Which one would be accepted
in the mainline? Or are there more options?

Is this interesting for your project?

Thanks in advance for any hints,
Uli and radio.de

PS: I'm subscribed to this list, no need to CC me.
Ulrich Teichert

freiheit.com technologies gmbh
Straßenbahnring 22 / 20251 Hamburg, Germany
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fax   +49 (0)40 / 890584-20
HRB Hamburg 70814

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