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Klauss Fumuldavijus dnr at freemail.lt
Wed Apr 4 23:44:35 PDT 2007

Hey icecasters,

somebody in the forums wrote about pretty looking real time icecast statistics charts (java applet)(http://www.netzond.com/netzond/icecast.html). I am trying to implement them for my needs (basicaly for load testing).

can anybody explain me what does "client connections" and "connections" mean in admin/stats.xsl ?
Maybe it defines "listening" against "trying to listen" clients or smth.? Both numbers differ a little at constant rate.

also, is there a possibility to increase refresh interval of:
            [TOTAL_BITS_READ] => 126989699200
            [TOTAL_BITS_SENT] => 192687231264
I may suggest is is 5sec. now,  and i would like it to be 1 sec. instead.

thank you.

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        i have connected multiple clients with he server.i dont know how to play that simultaneously as i m receiving the stream.live playback?

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    hi all,
           my name is Nipun Kathuria.I m a final yr engg.student.I have taken
    INTERNET RADIO as my final yr project.Could u plz guide me through the
    making of an Internet radio.
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    If you have more detailed questions, we can try to help you. It's not, 
    right now, at all clear what you're trying to ask for.



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