[Icecast-dev] libshout: Streaming MPEG Audio Layer 2

sci-fi at hush.ai sci-fi at hush.ai
Thu Jul 20 17:47:28 PDT 2006


I'm not anywhere near an expert, but I had successfully used
Darkice, TwoLame, and Icast231 to netcast a mp2 stream.  If it
will help, here is a snip from the related area of my darkice.cfg:

format          = mp2
bitrateMode     = cbr
bitrate         = 384
quality         = 1.0
server          =
port            = 32710
password        = (duh!)
sampleRate      = 48000
channel         = 2
maxBitrate      = 384
mountPoint      = LiftedRadio_high.mp2
lowpass         = -1
highpass        = -1
name            = SciFiG5.homeip.net
description     = (MP2:TwoLame-0.3.6 CBR:384K 48kHz:2ch)
url             = http://www.LiftedRadio.com/
genre           = Christian Electronica
public          = yes
aim             = scifihomeipnet
icq             = 272120028
#irc            = #

And here is a snip from the related areas of my icecasts.xml:

		<alias source="/liftedradio_high.mp2" 

(We relayed streams via java-based p2p-radio apps, so they needed
the lower-case 'alias' there... otherwise nothing special...)

Of course these streams won't show up in Xiph's directory any
more, I also use SteamCast's directory where they should show up,
anyway these streams did actually work.

I compile everything myself, btw, including all requisite libs
etc. which is a chore to do oneself (on MacOSX... I just don't
trust pkg-managers with their chosen configure options & gcc
tweaks etc. ;) ).

On the mp3-tech.org page you cited, there is a chart showing
Layer-II bitrate+mode combinations which are not allowed.  I
definitely remember that I could not specify any of Darkice's VBR
options for mp2, IIRC no error was fed-back to the console but a
no-worky stream is all we noticed.

(My main objective was to get a near-lossless stream going for a
"backbone" feed, then "affiliates" would transcode it for their
local listeners, in a global p2p-style sense.  I wrote-up all
about this in the PeerCast forum, search for my id 'SciFi' there
if interested.  I had read other forums which indicated mp2 was
much better at 'transparency' as far as ears are concerned at
higher bitrates, and many professional broadcasters such as XM use
mp2 rather than mp3 [layers].  Indeed I think they are right.)

I hope this helps somehow.

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